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The Purpose of this Report

As an extension of ARC's commitment to run our business safely and responsibly, the Sustainability Report is a means to communicate with our stakeholders and a tool to measure and monitor our environmental, social, and governance performance.

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Operations Map

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Corporate Strategy

How ARC is creating long-term value in all areas of its business.

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Who We Are

All about who we are and what we do.

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ARC at a Glance

Key metrics and quick facts about ARC.

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ARC’s objective is to be a leading oil and gas producer as measured by the quality of our assets, management expertise and long-term shareholder returns. Achieving this objective requires strong leadership and an ethical, values-based culture where performance and innovation are rewarded.

2013 at a Glance
Approach to Risk Management

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  • 7% reduction in GHG emission intensity since 2010
  • 253 active reclamation sites
  • Developing long-term water management strategy


Nothing is more important than protecting the health and safety of those who work for us and the residents near our operations.

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Training and Development

It is crucial everyone on our team has access to the training they need.

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See our results from previous years and our objectives for 2014/2015.

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Strength of the Workplace Survey

A company-wide survey to measure the strength of our workplace.

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Strength of Our Culture

A differentiator and a driver for both attraction and retention of employees.

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At ARC, we are active members in our communities and aim to make a positive and lasting impact through all of our interactions. We support our communities by contributing to local economies with business and employment opportunities, charitable giving to not-for-profit organizations and by engaging in ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders.

Economic Contribution
Stakeholder Engagement
Community Investment

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